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Instant Rush!

I just wanted to say that I was given some samples of Elite Ops Energy Strips at the Miami Gun Show and didn’t try them right away. Some of you might know how tiring a large gun show can be and about half way through the show I had to return home to get something… Read more “Instant Rush!”

Charles Manetta
Retired Firefighter / EMT

Strips keep me Singing!

I’m a single mother and vocal coach, which means I need energy all day and I need it fast! No time to sip on coffee (plus I’m not a fan of coffee breath or coffee-stained teeth!), and energy drinks have so many extra ingredients that can have adverse effects. That’s why I love the simplicity… Read more “Strips keep me Singing!”

Amanda Yeakey
Vocal Coach

Fast acting without the crash.

I work long hours and needed a long lasting boost. I was drinking 4 to 6 energy drinks a day with very little results. Then I met a cool dude that let me try this great product. I don’t see me going back to the energy drinks. I get the boost I need with 1… Read more “Fast acting without the crash.”

Pedro Quesada
NW Indiana Steel Worker

This product is amazing. I don’t even get it!

I am sickly addicted to energy drinks and they don’t even really work for me anymore. I drink 5 hour energy’s, redbull, you name it. This product is amazing. I don’t even get it. 5 stars!!

Sarah Britton
Amazon Reviewer

Excellent Product

I have used this product for over year, it is the best energy boost I have tried. Highly recommended.

Amazon Reviewer

I love the Elite Ops Strips.

I Like the cool taste of the Elite Ops Strips. It does help me stay energized for 3-4 hours, but I really crash afterwards unless I take another strip. But, I love the convenience, taste, and the fact that they are so easy to store in my iPhone case or wallet until I need one.

T. Goodman
Amazon Reviewer

Five Stars

The best thing you can take to stay awake

Ernest k Nikolaus
Amazon Reviewer

Five Stars

Good product for those times when you need a bit of help to get through the day

Holly G
Amazon Reviewer

The best energy product out there!

the best energy product out there. It’s the most convenient and it works. It also does not have the negative aspects of other energy products. If you have acid reflux or indigestion, this is the best choice. Other products like the 5 hr product may work well but it’s like drinking lighter fluid and will… Read more “The best energy product out there!”

Amazon Reviewer

A Special Use for An Effective Product

This is a great product, and I use it for a purpose that some may find interesting. The product delivers kind of energy boost you’d get by drinking a caffeinated beverage or energy drink, but without the calories and in a convenient strip that you can carry in a wallet or pocketbook. I’ve never particularly… Read more “A Special Use for An Effective Product”

Chuck Butler
Amazon Reviewer

Enhances intensive exercise capability

Is a perfect accompaniment to an intense work out. Keeps me going longer and stronger. Also effective in reducing post workout aches/pains.

Susan Lipske
Amazon Reviewer

I use these to help me wake up faster

Arrived as described. I used this to help me wake-up faster, in the AM on the rare days I’m tired/sleepy. …took it before I even got out of bed.

Joe J.
Amazon Reviewer

Five Stars

Minty taste and effective energy source with no crash.

Gary Pirani
Amazon Reviewer

Fast acting & easy to use

These work great! Fast acting pick-me-up without the crash in a convenient form factor. These energy strips have a pleasant minty taste and quickly dissolve on the tongue providing a caffeine hit within minutes. Each is individually wrapped making them convenient to carry in a pocket or wallet. I find these perfect for getting over… Read more “Fast acting & easy to use”

W. Turnbull
Amazon Reviewer


EliteOps Energy Strips ı

“No crash at all! I’m impressed with the clean energy that I had throughout my busy day.”

Tina "La Titan"
Professional Body Builder


Matt "The Bear" Novakovich | EliteOps Energy Strips

“I’ve been using Elite Ops Energy Strips for over a year now. I have never found a delivery system more efficient and lighter to carry than Elite Ops. It is now an integral part of my racing.”

Matt "The Bear" Novakovich
2013 Virginia Spartan Super Winner & Camp Yancy Athlete

This Stuff Works!

“No joke this stuff works! I wake up early everyday and go to bed late. Family, work, fishing always gotta be on my game and with Elite Ops it is possible.”

Troy Christman
Professional Sports Fisherman

Great product!

Julie Bishop | EliteOps Energy Strips Eliminate Fatigue

Elite Ops has become a staple of my Triathlon races that are Olympic distance to Ironman distance. I reward myself with a strip on the last part of my run to kick it in and win!

Julie Bishop
Ironman Competitor