Instant Rush!

I just wanted to say that I was given some samples of Elite Ops Energy Strips at the Miami Gun Show and didn’t try them right away. Some of you might know how tiring a large gun show can be and about half way through the show I had to return home to get something for my son. Heading back, I was really dragging a$$ and decided to try one of the strips so I popped one in my mouth. Within 10 seconds I was wide awake and alert. I was amazed at how quick it kicked in and I really didn’t think it would work at all. Also, in Miami it is the culture for everyone to drink these little shots of concentrated Cuban coffee for a pickup when tired. Today after dropping my car off to get the tires changed the Cuban American driver taking me home tried one and was instantly awake and alert unlike any shot of Cuban coffee he has ever had. I highly recommend these Energy strips for anyone that has one of those days in the office where you start nodding off at your desk or anywhere else. They really do work! Since they dissolve in your mouth they go sublingual and straight into your blood stream for an instant rush. Try one and you will see!