Excellent Product!

I received a sample pack of Elite Ops Energy Strips while competing in the 2018 Best Ranger Competition (BRC) . After recovering from the BRC and resuming training for the professional obstacle course racing circuit and competitive distance running, I experimented with this product to intensify my workouts and increase mental focus. The strips exceeded my expectations and I immediately ordered a two month supply to supplement my training. The strips provide me with the proven performance and metabolic benefits of caffeine and allow me to immediately get into my workouts with full motivation. The energy comes without the side effects of the head-rush, jitters, or post workout crash that accompany many pre-workout supplements and caffeine tablets. Today, I use the strips prior to intense workouts, running races, obstacle course races, and during Army field training exercises and combat operations to maintain optimal focus. I offer my highest endorsement to this product and this veteran owned company. RLTW!