The Alternative To Caffeinated Energy Drinks

EliteOps Energy Strips are airtight, waterproof, individually wrapped strips that dissolve on your tongue in seconds, no liquid needed! Each caffeine strip delivers 100mg of caffeine and 100% of the recommended daily allowance of B-vitamins. Our product is sugar-free, fat-free, gluten-free and has zero calories.

Learn how we compare against other energy drinks and energy shots!

EliteOps Energy Strips Eliminate Fatigue
EliteOps Energy Strips Eliminate Fatigue

B-Vitamins and 100mg of Caffeine

Virtually weightless, you can carry a week’s worth in a pocket, purse, or wallet. Use them when and where you need, without worrying about bulky cans or bottles.

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Boost Your Energy and Eliminate Fatigue

  • Three o’clock office work-day slump?
  • Hitting the Gym?
  • Picking up the kids after school?
  • Working a double shift?
  • Cramming for an exam?

Explore who is using Elite Ops energy strips!

How do you handle fatigue management? Instead of grabbing another cup of coffee, sugar filled soda, or a high priced energy drink, reach for an EliteOps Energy Strip.

EliteOps Energy Strips Eliminate Fatigue

Why try EliteOps Energy Strips?

Fast Acting | 100mg Caffeine in Each Strip | 100% of Daily Recommendation of B-Vitamins

Sugar-Free | Fat-Free | Gluten-Free | ZERO Calories

"No joke this stuff works! I wake up early everyday and go to bed late. Family, work, fishing, always gotta be on my game and with Elite Ops it's possible. Before I was always sluggish
EliteOps Energy Strips ı

Troy Christman

"No crash at all! I'm impressed with the clean energy I had throughout my busy day."
EliteOps Energy Strips ı

Tina “La Titan” Wilson

"I've been using Elite Ops for over a year now. I have never found a delivery system more efficient and lighter to carry than Elite Ops. It is now an integral part of my racing.”
Matt "The Bear" Novakovich | EliteOps Energy Strips

Matt “The Bear” Novakovich

“EliteOps has become a staple of my triathlon races that are Olympic distance to IronMan distance.  I reward myself with a strip on the last part of my run to kick it in and win!
Julie Bishop | EliteOps Energy Strips Eliminate Fatigue

Julie Bishop

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