EliteOpsEnergyStrip.Postcard.FrontEliteOps Energy Strips are edible strips that dissolve on your tongue and deliver 100mg of caffeine, 100% RDA B-vitamins, and 20% RDA vitamin E.

EliteOps Energy Strips are completely portable and virtually weightless.   You can carry a week’s worth of the airtight, waterproof, individually wrapped strips in a pocket, purse, or wallet.  Use them when, and where, you need without worrying about bulky cans or bottles.

EliteOps Energy Strips are innovative.  The strips deliver an effective blend of active ingredients by dissolving on your tongue, requiring no liquid of any kind.

EliteOps Energy Strips are effective.  They provide a noticeable, but subtle, boost of energy and focus…quickly.

EliteOps Energy Strips are sugar-free; fat-free; gluten-free; and have ZERO calories.

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