Frequently Asked Questions

So, what exactly are EliteOps Energy Strips? No, they are not an alternative to fossil fuels, they are not a new type of LED light panel, and they are not, ahem, an enhancement product – all actual questions.

The Innovative Alternative to the Energy Drink!

EliteOps Energy strips are the innovative alternative to the energy drink market.  Each strip dissolves on the tongue and delivers 100mg of caffeine and B-vitamins, with no liquid, no calories, and no crash.

What are EliteOps Energy Strips?

Innovative. EliteOps Energy Strips are edible strips that dissolve on your tongue (in seconds) and deliver 100mg of caffeine, 100% RDA of Vitamins B-12 and B-6, and Vitamin E to provide a “subtle” boost of energy and focus.

What do you mean by “subtle”?

Our blend of active ingredients combined with our unique delivery system are designed to help you feel alert and focused. We like to refer to it as a ‘plateau of energy’ instead of the peaks and valleys associated with traditional energy shots.

Do I need to dissolve the strip in water?

Nope, you can be standing on the ground, sitting in a chair, riding a bike, running a marathon…there is no need to be in water to dissolve the strip. Just peel open a sleeve and place it on your tongue. The strip will start to dissolve immediately.

Do I wear the strip?

Only if it accessorizes your outfit. No, seriously, just put it on your tongue. Saliva and the “magical” dissolubility functions of our strip will do the rest.

How do EliteOps Energy Strips compare to other energy products?

We don’t like to compare ourselves to other products because really, there is no comparison. Energy shots and drinks are consumed liquids – you have to drink them. Our product is unique. Our delivery system is innovative. With EliteOps Energy, there is nothing to drink, before…during…or after. See? No comparison.

Are EliteOps Energy Strips Gluten Free?

Yes, we have no gluten in our product. And yes, we have been asked this question enough times to place in under the FAQs.

What are the safety health concerns?

Like any product that contains caffeine, you should not use EliteOps Energy products if you are: pregnant, nursing, under the age of 12, have had a doctor tell you to avoid caffeine or if you are sensitive to caffeine. You should also not take more than 2 strips in a 3-hour period.

Do you offer free samples?

Yes. You can order some free samples from our online store. We also give out samples at all the events we do. If you want to know when we’ll be at an event near you, check out our calendar of events page on the website.

Do you sponsor athletes or other product endorsers?

We have not yet developed a “formal” sponsorship program. We DO have some Brand Ambassadors who use the product, love the product and help us promote the product to others by sharing samples, posting photos to social media sites and wearing some of our cool looking apparel. If you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador, contact us and let us know.

You’re always so positive and happy. What’s your secret?

Caffeine. It helps me get more done, quickly. It also helps me pay the bills…so…double win. Plus, none of us take ourselves too seriously around the office. I mean c’mon, would your boss let you post and answer a question like this to the company website…while sitting at home on your couch…watching clips from Jimmy Fallon…in nothing but your…wait, I better not push this thing too far. ?