What are EliteOps Energy Strips

EliteOps Energy Strips were developed around four core principles:

Innovation, Portability, Effectiveness, and Convenience.

We wanted to design a new product that would truly give consumers an effective alternative to the liquid based energy shot.  And we think we did just that with our blend of caffeine and vitamins, all packed into a dissolvable strip.  See why thousands are choosing to Eliminate Fatigue with EliteOps Energy Strips!

Innovation | EliteOps Energy Strips Eliminate Fatigue


EliteOps Energy Strips deliver an effective blend of caffeine and vitamins by dissolving on your tongue, requiring no liquid of any kind.

For us, innovation is the ability to deliver active ingredients (caffeine, B12, B6 and vitamin E) in an edible, dissolvable strip that requires no liquid. We used science and scientists to create an easy, simple and fast-acting way to deliver a boost of energy and focus that lasts for hours.

An energy shot that you don’t have to drink??   THAT is innovation, and that is cool.

Actually, science is cool. Scientists are cooler. Our FIERCE ARTIC MINT is cool-est!

Very Portable | EliteOps Energy Strips


The foil package is also airtight and waterproof…so if you find yourself crawling through mud at an Obstacle Course Race (or just crawling through mud because it’s fun) …fear not…our strips will stay dry and clean.

Small enough to fit in your pocket, wallet or purse, and more compact than a credit card, it is the perfect size for anyone.

We also may be the only TSA compliant energy supplement on the market. Try taking six bottles of Every Hour Energy Shot through airport security and see what happens.



They provide a fast-acting plateau of energy and focus with NO crash.

What makes an energy supplement effective? Well for one thing, it needs to work. In order for it to work, it needs the correct amount and blend of active ingredients…too little of the energy blend and you won’t feel anything; too much of the energy blend and you could feel uncomfortable.

Here is what others have said about the effectiveness of EliteOps Energy Strips:


…the last two might not be actual comments about our product as much as movie/television quotes, but, you get the point, right?

Easy to use | EliteOps Energy Strips Eliminate Fatigue

Easy To Use

EliteOps Energy Strips are easy to use. There, we said it. Now we dare you to prove us wrong.

Open a package. Put the strip on your tongue. Wait for it to dissolve (which usually takes about 30 seconds).

Seriously, how much easier does it get? Feel that subtle boost of energy and focus. That’s all there is to it.

You don’t have to open a bottle or can. You don’t have to drink a “shot”. You don’t have to worry about growing “wings”. There are no “monsters” under the bed. You want energy and focus…we give it to you.