About Elite Ops Energy Strips

EliteOps Energy Strips are an innovative alternative to energy drinks, delivering on the promise of convenience, portability and effectiveness. We are driven by influencing audiences and adapted our product to be used by anyone.

Dissolves In Seconds. Energy For Hours

Our owner and founder served in the military long before energy supplements were available. Like many service members, he remembers standing long watches with nothing to keep him awake except coffee. Today’s military has choices, but…None of those choices are as portable, convenient, or easy-to-use as Elite Ops Energy Strips.

Energy Drink Alternative

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These same advantages can be benefit first responders, athletes, college students, truckers, officer workers, parents or really anyone looking for a quick and simple energy boost. This innovative energy supplement has been engineered to fit in a pocket, wallet, or purse. Measuring smaller than a credit card, they are extremely portable and take up minimal space; however, if you need a holder for your strips, check out our mobile phone pouch – it holds more than 10 individually wrapped EliteOps Energy Strips – PURCHASE NOW!

Still unsure about us? “Try it before you buy it!” Look for our free sample booths at various events across the United States, including many Obstacle Race Series. Or for a limited time, we are giving away free samples of EliteOps Energy Strips by signing up for our newsletter. We have a daily limit of 100 orders of samples…any more than that and our millennial workforce loses focus and concentration. Sure, we give them free product to boost their energy, but once they lose focus they move onto the next distract…. wait, what was I doing?

Our Founder and CEO

Ray Welch is a graduate of the Kogod College of Business at the American University. After graduation he joined the Navy. He was injured while on active duty and honorably discharged. He has spent most of his professional career in the foodservice manufacturing industry, most recently as the owner and president of ThirsTea Corporation.

In 2014, a colleague approached him with the concept of an edible, dissolvable energy supplement. Without hesitation, he jumped at the opportunity and worked tirelessly to launch EliteOps Energy Strips. He admits that the first demographic he thought of was his military brothers and sisters and a lot of the original packaging and marketing efforts were geared towards those individuals. But, EliteOps Energy Strips are really for anyone who needs a boost of energy and focus.

Ray Welch | EliteOps Energy Strips